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Goldschmiede Trapez
Birgit Johannsen
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24937 Flensburg
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Advice at any time by appointment.

Goldschmiede Trapez

Creating jewellery for unforgettable moments

The symbiosis of high-quality materials, captivating details and excellent craftsmanship creates unique pieces of jewellery that you will enjoy for the rest of your life. Jewellery is as individual as its wearer. In order to be truly appreciated, it should match your style and personality. That’s why Birgit Johannsen at Goldschmiede Trapez focuses on personal and competent advice. It is incredibly important for me as a goldsmith to understand you, my customers, to recognise your wishes and to create your very own favourite piece together with you.

There are almost endless possibilities for beautiful and individual treasures using materials such as platinum, gold, silver, gemstones and pearls. Fine metals and sparkling stones are enchanting in themselves, but in combination they are more than the sum of their parts - the fusion of precious metals and precious diamonds or rare coloured gemstones creates unique jewellery. Take a look at the different shapes, colours and aesthetics and feel their magic. Even old pieces can be brought back to life in my workshop.

Goldschmiedin Birgit Johannsen im Geschäft
Halskette Granat und Apatit

It always starts with an idea - let me inspire you or if you already have an idea for a piece, let us realise it together. We will plan the materials and processes used to transform the idea into beautiful jewellery. I promise to bring form and material into the perfect dimension - with passion, dedication and innovation. Create something special and unique!

Whether simple or fancy, discreet or extravagant, symbolic, personal, sophisticated or simply beautiful - we will find the perfect piece together. By buying handmade jewellery from my goldsmith, you’ll get a unique piece - as individual as you yourself.