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Goldschmiedin Birgit Johannsen

Jewellery is a meeting of art and human dialogue

My advice - as individual as your own wishes

„For me, the actual artistic process first takes place when the piece of jewellery and the person have the perfect connection. That’s what I love best about my work.“

My passion for jewellery and goldsmithing was first ignited when I was 14. I was fascinated by the diversity and intensity of colours of precious stones and how they shone and glistened. So, after leaving school, I attended a vocational college for glass and jewellery and undertook an apprenticeship as a goldsmith.

Goldschmiedin Birgit Johannsen

What does “jewellery” mean for me?

My years of experience and contact with a wide range of people has taught me that jewellery is not just an object in itself. It must suit you, meet your wishes and fit into your life like a piece of clothing that you feel comfortable in. Beautiful, well selected jewellery brings a lot of joy - to the wearer as well as to the beholder. Jewellery is a wonderful present, which shows incredible value and appreciation.

Finding or creating the perfect piece of jewellery for you is only possible through conversation. That’s why I really value individual consultation. I want to meet you and get to know you, so that I can highlight your very own beauty and personality with the appropriate piece of jewellery. Many Goldschmiede Trapez designs have been created together with my customers. Often, the jewellery has a story behind it or incorporates symbolism.

Handcraft with heart and soul

I make jewellery with passion; I love to design timelessly beautiful and extraordinary pieces of jewellery - ultimately, the piece of jewellery and the wearer must form the perfect bond. I find ideas for my work in many areas, for example in the balanced forms of nature, especially in the plant world, but the interplay of light and shadow also inspires me to develop new jewellery shapes.

Goldsmithing requires a great deal of creativity - both in terms of the design and comfort of a piece of jewellery, as well as precise craftsmanship, because each individual piece has its own special characteristics. Even after 25 years, that is still a challenge.

The sustainability of my work is a major concern to me. That’s why I try to produce designs that are timeless. I work exclusively with precious metals from recycling processes, and Fair Trade Gold on request.

With great craftsmanship and an understanding of your wishes, I create individual pieces of jewellery from beautiful materials - with great care and attention to detail. Come and discover my many years of experience and craftsmanship for yourself.

Herstellung eines Rings
Herstellung eines Rings
Goldschmiedin Birgit Johannsen

Professional History

1988 Abitur (school leaving exam)
1988 - 1989 Studied Art History in Munich
1989 - 1992 Attended vocational school for glass and jewellery in Kaufbeuren-Neugablonz
goldsmith apprenticeship
1992 - 1994 Worked as a goldsmith at Nicolas Piaggo in Göttingen
1994 Advanced training for gemstone, diamond and pearl science at the German Gemmological Institute in Idar-Oberstein
1995 Opened Goldschmiede Trapez in Lübeck with Matthias Johannsen
Goldsmith's studio and gallery
1996 Opened Goldschmiede Trapez in Flensburg with Matthias Johannsen
2001 Relocated Goldschmiede Trapeze to Große Straße 35 in Flensburg

Since Matthias Johannsen’s death in 2013, I have been running the goldsmiths' business as a sole proprietorship with a steadily growing artistic orientation.

Goldschmiede Trapez

I am a member of GEDOK Schleswig-Holstein (Community of Female Artists and Patrons), the Berufsverbands Angewandte Kunst (Professional Association of Applied Arts) and the Bayerischen Kunstgewerbeverein (Bavarian Arts and Crafts Association). Occasionally I also take part in exhibitions.