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jewellery by goldsmith Birgit Johannsen

Jewellery is more than just an accessory...

Pure handcraft in the goldsmith workshop

In the beginning, there is just a small piece of metal, a precious stone and an idea...

Gold, fine gold, silver, palladium and platinum - precious metals together with gemstones and pearls are more than just a material for me. Every metal has its own character, its own look, its own colour, its own shine. With creativity, a feel for shape, a love of detail and skilled craftmanship, a unique piece of jewellery is created - a true one-off. Let me inspire you with extraordinary jewellery creations, with clear design, from casual to elegant, with colourful, high-quality gemstones in all the colours of gold.

Custom jewellery is an expression of personality

Consciously or unconsciously - a piece of jewellery emphasises your personality. Real jewellery as individual as you are is only possible with custom goldsmith work.

Do you love special things? Do you want a piece of jewellery that meets your exact requirements? Whether you are looking for a gift, want to treat yourself to something beautiful or are looking for the perfect wedding rings with your partner - come and see me at Goldschmiede Trapez. I will help you to outline your thoughts and realise your ideas, to produce the perfect personalised jewellery for you.

handmade jewellery by goldsmith Birgit Johannsen

Selected bridal jewellery

bridal jewellery

Everything has to be perfect on your big day: especially the wedding dress, the most important part of the wedding wardrobe. But it’ll only be perfect if you have accessories that match the dress. Bridal jewellery is especially important here.

Men wear jewellery too


Men are wearing jewellery again these days. For example, cufflinks and men's rings as well as tie jewellery and necklaces are increasingly in demand - made to your wishes and ideas, for example with personal initials, logo or a coat of arms engraving.

Breathe life into old treasures

goldsmith Birgit Johannsen holding a ring

Over the years, many a piece of jewellery has been left untouched and unworn in the jewellery drawer: a ring that has become too small, a pendant that is no longer fashionable or a single earring whose partner has been lost. Perhaps you have also inherited jewellery and can’t do anything with it. The inherited jewellery belonged to another person - in another time.

The transformation of jewellery is the art of giving a piece of jewellery a new character and a new shine. In this way, new pieces of jewellery can be created that are reminiscent of their old origins. For example, if you have grandparents’ wedding rings in your jewellery box, you are welcome to bring them to me at Goldschmiede Trapez. They can be transformed into modern and individual pieces of jewellery by changing their shape and surface or by inserting one or more precious stones.

I can also professionally repair your favourite pieces for you, gently clean dirty jewellery or alter sizes - without leaving visible traces.

You’re welcome to show me your treasures. In a detailed consultation I will discuss with you whether your transformation plan is feasible. I would also be happy to develop an idea for a transformation together with you.