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rings by goldsmith Birgit Johannsen

The ring - a symbol of love, fidelity and unity

The perfect design for every occasion

The ring is one of the original forms of jewellery. Since the earliest times, they have been linked to mythical powers. Their endless circular shape mean they have always been a symbol of love, fidelity and unity as well as continuity. Many traditions have accompanied the union of man and woman through the ages, some have changed, others have been forgotten. But as a sign of unity, the wedding ring has retained its meaning to the present day.

Custom wedding rings - as a symbol of your love

Wedding rings are an external sign of great love and unity. They symbolise the togetherness of two people and are an expression of their personalities. By exchanging rings, they are symbolising the most beautiful day in their life. Whether it’s a wedding ring, engagement ring, commitment ring, honour ring, friendship ring, love ring, symbol ring, ring for a silver wedding, memory ring or partnership ring, there are countless pieces of jewellery to express your deep affection and love for your partner.

Choosing the right wedding rings is a highly personal matter and finding the "right" wedding ring is not always easy.


As a sign of love, without beginning and without end, it should be something very special. Particularly because you will wear it for the rest of your life! They should capture and reflect your personality, fit your hand perfectly and become your daily companion.

Your own ideas and wishes can also be incorporated into the design of your rings. Take part in the creation! Be the architect of your own fortune! I take a lot of time for you and love to invite you to a consultation at Goldschmiede Trapez. Your wedding rings will be individually manufactured and adjusted in careful consultation with you.

Variety in design and material quality

To ensure that your (wedding) ring fits perfectly and is "comfortable", I will first determine both the feel and proportions of your hand using models. This will help decide the width and the thickness of the ring. Another important part of the design is the precious metal the ring should be made of. At Goldschmiede Trapez, I prefer to work with the precious metals palladium, platinum, silver and gold. I process the gold in different colour alloys like red gold, white gold and rose gold. The various gold alloys are also available in different grades of fineness.

My extensive diamond and gemstone selection - ruby, sapphire, emerald, tourmaline, garnet, diamonds, coloured diamonds, tanzanite, amethyst, rose quartz - offers further design possibilities for your individually designed wedding or jewellery ring. Your ring can also be engraved if desired. For engraving and laser work as well as the setting of gemstones and pearls, I work together with various specialist companies.

Let me provide you inspiration for your wedding ring, engagement ring, commitment ring or jewellery ring. Together we will spend time to find a ring that perfectly highlights your individual style.